Our newest item - Sandwhiches !
We now have sandwhiches from the Diva Chef and Zapp chips. Choose from choices like Curried Tuna, Vegan Roast with Sundried Tomato Aioli, Turkey Pastrami & Swiss, Pimiento and Spanish Olive Cream Cheese. Choices subject to availability.

Check back for soup of the day! This week it is Yam & Garlic Soup !
We are proud to feature quiches and pastries baked fresh from local sources such as the Laurel Street Bakery.   More...
Z'otz has three driving goals. It has always been our pride at Z'otz that we have use the finest ingredients and have made some of the best coffee and espresso in town. We promote not just specific artists but also encourage everyone to find the artist in themselves. Lastly but maybe most important of all, we want Z'otz to feel like your second living room where you can come and hang out , feeling comfortable and being accepted for who you are.

We are an ecletic bunch made up of artists, musicians, comedians, law and med students, college or highschool students, locals and friends visiting from afar. We are an ecletic bunch, please bring your own flavour to the mix . More...

Why share just one room ?
Z'otz has outdoor seating not just out front but also a spacious back patio complete with a running fountain ! With three rooms and the patio you can easily find a place to hang out and talk or play games with friends while others can find a quiet area of their own to study. The back rooms and patio have separate volume controls accessible by the customers. You can enjoy a candlelit ambience or go to a more brightly lit room if you desire. To help make your studying go even easier desklamps abound for those who need them.

Front Room
Red Room
Back Room
Back Patio
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